Special Core Analysis (SCAL) is often synonymous with capillary pressure with or without resistivity measurements, relative permeability measurements and wettability measurements. There are several types of measurement techniques for each of these groups. At Perecon we have long experience in performing quality control of all types of experiments and provide clients with recommendations on SCAL data quality based on the weaknesses and strengths of the different measurement techniques. We can also design a comprehensive SCAL program for gas injection, water injection, water saturation modelling, transition zone mobility etc. including a cost-benefit evaluation and risk perspective. Perecon AS has internal software for core-flow analysis using simulation and estimation of both Corey- and LET- type of capillary pressure and relative permeability curves. In particular, our strength is to give recommendation for a field-based relative permeability model and saturation-height. This also includes recommendations for:

  • Reservoir simulator initialization methods
  • Saturation endpoint scaling
  • Hysteresis water-oil and oil-gas flow functions
  • Three-phase flow considerations

Our personnel has also developed the WAGHYSTR-option in Eclipse for advanced input to WAG simulations.