Research & Development

We have a long experience and track record in developing and executing research and development (R&D) projects both within the Norwegian continental shelf and abroad. Our main professional basis is within the reservoir technology discipline with spin-offs to geology and petrophysics.
Several of our staff hold a PhD with extensive experience from research, innovation and development. The key focus has been to tailor-make research to solve specific problems in the industry and implement the results in a commercial setting.

Activities in the past include:

  • Outcrop analysis, coring and geological field trips for selecting material for various core analysis
  • Advanced methods for SCAL:
    • Flow experiments
    • Data base
    • SCAL software development
  • Marginal hydrocarbon exploration wells
    • Advanced saturation analysis
  • Integrated workflow and software development for saturation functions
    • Saturation-height
    • Relative Permeability
  • Carbonate reservoir
    • Workflow and software for up-scaling and automated sensitivity analysis
  • Digitalisation and machine learning
    • Workflow and software for production forecasting using simplified mass balance models and production profiles extracted by machine learning from generic models

For a list of scientific publications authored by Perecon, click here.