Integrated Projects

Perecon AS aim to assist oil companies in getting marginal discoveries into production and making fields in production more profitable. Perecon’s philosophy is to look at the reservoir in a holistic and dynamic way; the best understanding of a reservoir, planning of wells, and the production performance are gained through integrated and interdisciplinary studies from micro to field scale. 

Typical integrated projects:

  • Reservoir evaluations
    • Clastic reservoirs
    • Fractured reservoirs/dual porosity systems
    • Static and dynamic modelling
  • Full field evaluation
    • Production potential
    • Well planning
    • Drainage Strategy
  • Prolonged field lifetime
    • Near field exploration
    • IOR
  • Evaluation of challenging fields and discoveries
    • Marginal volumes
    • Challenging geology
  • Evaluation of asset value; M&A, single assets
  • Carbon capture and sequestration
    • Locate the best underground storage location
    • Volume assessments
    • Evaluate risks