Geology and Petrophysics

The fundamental properties of the porous medium and the contained fluids are the main inputs into volumetric calculations and both static and dynamic reservoir models. Petrophysical evaluation of core and log data makes a bridge between geological interpretation and a full field dynamic reservoir simulation. Perecon aims to be the preferred industry partner to offer petrophysical evaluations and log analysis using core, well logs and dynamic data.

Petrophysical services include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Log (wireline/ LWD) and core data QA/QC
  • Log processing and preparation including log editing and environmental corrections, depth shifting, normalization, log reconstruction in badhole or missing log intervals
  • Quantitative log interpretation: From quick-look to detailed single and multi-well log analysis using deterministic and multimin approaches
  • Carbonate & clastic rocks/ shaly sands
  • Interpretation of conventional and special core analysis (CCAL & SCAL)
  • Calibration of log to core data and reconciliation with mudlog, NMR, pressure data and image logs
  • Reservoir zonation & rock typing
  • Cutoffs & NTG estimation
  • Permeability evaluation using log, core and pressure data
  • Saturation height analysis using both core and log evaluation results
  • Formation pressure interpretation
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • APA related petrophysical evaluation
  • Support to drilling and geology teams for real-time operational decisions during wireline logging, geo-steering and well-site geology