Perecon is actively following the ongoing digitalisation efforts in the industry. We help clients concretise their digitalisation ambitions through day-to-day technical services and long-term internal/external Research & Development efforts. Our main digitalisation focus areas are:

  • Data analytics, utilizing e.g. cluster analysis to enhance insight into laboratory measurements
  • Automation of subsurface workflows, combining expert knowledge of commercial modelling tools with in-house software to enable data flow between applications and disciplines
  • Machine-learning, ongoing R&D on improved parameter determination in reservoir models and tools for fast prediction of reservoir production

In addition to the capabilities of commercial software packages, we are taking advantage of the mature set of data analysis and visualization tools within the Python ecosystem.

Image shows an example correlation plot between simulated (true) solution and neural network (machine-learning) solution for fast prediction of oil reservoir production. In-house study performed at Perecon AS.