Perecon AS provides consultancy services within the upstream sector, including exploration, development planning and production optimization.

Our experience ranges from core evaluation scale to full field evaluations and from clastic reservoirs to dual porosity systems. 

Perecon AS is flexible with respect to length of assignments and placement of work, either at the customers premises or at Perecon’s office in Bergen. The office in Bergen comprises workstations and software that can handle both large scale simulation projects and regional exploration.

Typical consultancy services:

  • Saturation studies
  • Simulation of production behavior and well planning
  • Near field exploration
  • Regional exploration and screening
  • Project management
  • APA/concession rounds: full applications or part of application work
  • Detailed reservoir understanding including SCAL
  • Assessment of compartmentalization – both by reservoir simulation work and by geological interpretation
  • Prospect risk and volume assessment
  • Digitalisation