Advanced Simulation

Perecon AS has a long track recording of performing technical services involving advanced subsurface reservoir modelling and simulation. Our experience includes projects on topics such as:

  • Full-field simulations to evaluate reservoir drainage strategies, including fully compositional models for gas injection, WAG and SWAG
  • Modelling and simulation of fractured carbonate reservoirs, both fine scale simulations for determining large scale model parameters and full-field dual continuum studies
  • Regional simulation studies in mature areas, integrating historical production data and reservoir models from several fields to evaluate prospectivity and strategies for additional accumulations
  • Near-well simulations of processes such as hydraulic fracturing for well stimulation and fluid invasion during drilling
  • History matching of drill stem tests in full-field models using local grid refinements
  • Simulation studies of CO2-sequestration

Perecon AS has the competence to provide an optimal balance between model detailing level and practical simulation runtimes. Moreover, our experience in cooperation with the other subsurface disciplines ensures results that incorporate all relevant data in a consistent and optimal way.

Our personnel is proficient in the typical set of software tools used in subsurface modelling and reservoir engineering. This includes commercial flow simulators such as

and 3D characterization and modelling software tools such as

  • Petrel (Schlumberger)
  • RMS (Emerson)

At Perecon we strive to always ensure a solid basis for the modelling and simulation work we perform. This typically involves using material-balance techniques or simplified, mechanistic simulation models. Advanced simulation and high-performance computing cannot replace a proper physical understanding of the problems to be solved.