Integrated Saturation and Dynamic Modelling

Saturation functions for volume calculations and for multi-phase flow behavior have traditionally been separated into the petrophysical- and reservoir technology disciplines. The physical and geological relations; interaction between rock and fluid surface forces and pore-structure characteristics, remain similar for all saturation functions. We have developed workflows and related software (Sw-toolbox) that bridge the gap between working disciplines and provide physical consistent input to simulation given the problem at hand. The software meets the market demand for a more digital, automated and standardized workflow where traditional methods have been dominated by individual experts with individual spreadsheets and possible lack of consistency from asset to asset. Continue reading “Integrated Saturation and Dynamic Modelling”

Geology and Petrophysics

The fundamental properties of the porous medium and the contained fluids are the main inputs into volumetric calculations and both static and dynamic reservoir models. Petrophysical evaluation of core and log data makes a bridge between geological interpretation and a full field dynamic reservoir simulation. Perecon aims to be the preferred industry partner to offer petrophysical evaluations and log analysis using core, well logs and dynamic data.

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Carbonate Reservoir

Carbonate Reservoir

Carbonate reservoirs that contain natural fractures and matrix heterogeneities make the scaling problem from the core- or log-scale to the reservoir simulation grid challenging. Reservoir production responses with fast flow in the high conductive fracture network and slow response from the matrix, will often call for simulation models known as dual continuum models. The classical dual continuum models will either be dual porosity or dual porosity-permeability models. Historically, dual continuum models are developed to model well test single-phase pressure responses. Consequently, large limitations occur in these models when it comes to predicting oil recovery by multi-phase flow processes with both diffusive and convective forces. In such cases, the process at hand is not modeled explicitly, but treated by generic models selected and calibrated by the user. We have developed workflows and related software, “Carbonate Case Generator” to anchor dual porosity models to fine scale models while maintaining the key mechanisms of flow given fracture system and matrix heterogeneities on small scale.

Advanced Simulation

Perecon AS has a long track recording of performing technical services involving advanced subsurface reservoir modelling and simulation. Our experience includes projects on topics such as:

  • Full-field simulations to evaluate reservoir drainage strategies, including fully compositional models for gas injection, WAG and SWAG
  • Modelling and simulation of fractured carbonate reservoirs, both fine scale simulations for determining large scale model parameters and full-field dual continuum studies
  • Regional simulation studies in mature areas, integrating historical production data and reservoir models from several fields to evaluate prospectivity and strategies for additional accumulations
  • Near-well simulations of processes such as hydraulic fracturing for well stimulation and fluid invasion during drilling
  • History matching of drill stem tests in full-field models using local grid refinements
  • Simulation studies of CO2-sequestration

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Perecon is actively following the ongoing digitalisation efforts in the industry. We help clients concretise their digitalisation ambitions through day-to-day technical services and long-term internal/external Research & Development efforts. Continue reading “Digitalisation”


Special Core Analysis (SCAL) is often synonymous with capillary pressure with or without resistivity measurements, relative permeability measurements and wettability measurements. There are several types of measurement techniques for each of these groups. At Perecon we have long experience in performing quality control of all types of experiments and provide clients with recommendations on SCAL data quality based on the weaknesses and strengths of the different measurement techniques. We can also design a comprehensive SCAL program for gas injection, water injection, water saturation modelling, transition zone mobility etc. including a cost-benefit evaluation and risk perspective. Continue reading “SCAL”


Perecon AS provides consultancy services within the upstream sector, including exploration, development planning and production optimization.

Our experience ranges from core evaluation scale to full field evaluations and from clastic reservoirs to dual porosity systems.  Continue reading “Consultancy”

Research & Development

We have a long experience and track record in developing and executing research and development (R&D) projects both within the Norwegian continental shelf and abroad. Our main professional basis is within the reservoir technology discipline with spin-offs to geology and petrophysics.
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Integrated Projects

Perecon AS aim to assist oil companies in getting marginal discoveries into production and making fields in production more profitable. Perecon’s philosophy is to look at the reservoir in a holistic and dynamic way; the best understanding of a reservoir, planning of wells, and the production performance are gained through integrated and interdisciplinary studies from micro to field scale.  Continue reading “Integrated Projects”